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Hakaway provides answers, advice and solutions to hoteliers for all their technology needs.


Each of Hakaway’s specialists contributes with over 20 years of IT experience within the hospitality industry.


Hakaway's customers appreciate the efficiency and realism of their choices. They implement solutions based on their technological knowledge combined with their hotel management experience.


Recent customers

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Hyatt Centric

Location: Madrid (Spain)

Brand: Hyatt Centric


Installation: Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2018


- Full IT project

- Implementing Hyatt standards

- CIO and IT implant

- Opening support

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La Caserne Chanzy.jpg

La Caserne Chanzy

Location: Reims (France)

Brand: Marriott Autograph Collection

Installation: March 2019 - March 2020


- Full IT project 

- Implementing Marriott standards

- Opening support

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Hyatt Regency Chantilly.png

Hyatt Regency

Location: Chantilly (Paris, France)

Brand: Hyatt Regency

Installation: May 2019 - Nov. 2019



- Full IT project

- Implementing Hyatt standards

- Opening support

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How we can help you - #ITeliers

At Hakaway, our goal is to help you to get rid of your technological puzzles.
Starting from an initial technological audit, we help you to design and plan your IT concept from deployment to final delivery. So you can focus on your operations while we manage all aspects of your IT project and the related infrastructures.
The Hakaway method avoids delays and budget surprises. We make sure you always know where you are in the project and what you can expect next, thanks to a clear definition of responsibilities, deliverables and timetable.
Maybe right now you don’t plan for a complete project, and just need advice on how to stay up to date. Our CIO as a Service ("CIOaaS") ensures that you use all available options, that your technology does not become obsolete and lets you take advantage of our experience when negotiating with current suppliers and service providers.

Project Management

Project Management

- Brand & independent hotels
- New & refurbished hotels

-Hotel solutions (WiFi, TV, etc.)

-Infrastructures & systems

- Transparency & no surprises
- Non-technical language

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS)


Future-proof solution design

- Board & investment advisory

- Owner representation

- Negotiation support

- Interim & permanent IT staff

-Digital R&D


Cyber Security

- Mystery hackers
- Hotel cyber-audits
- Cyber-certifications
- Network monitoring
- Training on best practices


Technology Audits

- Evaluation of ecosystem
- Growth potential analysis
- Brand standard validation
- Optimization of  ecosystem

- Risk management

Solution Design & Integration

Solution Design

- Standards definition

-Telecommuting support
- Third-party coordination
- Commissioning & testing
- Interfacing & documenting

- Final brand certification

Audiovisual Solutions

Audiovisual Solutions

-  AV project management

- IT concept integration
- Conferences and meetings 
- Shows and presentations

- Interim & permanent solutions



To relieve the pain and avoid surprises of hospitality IT projects.
To become the preferred technology partner for hoteliers.


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