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Technology Projects for Hotels, by Hoteliers


IT solutions for hospitality

Hakaway is an international company headquartered in Madrid, focusing exclusively on the hospitality market and proposing services and advice covering all aspects of technological solutions, platforms, and integrations.


Hakaway’s team of professionals offers more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology within the industry.


Its long experience in the world of communications and hotel management allows Hakaway to position itself at the forefront of the development and implementation of hotel technology projects. To meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry, Hakaway bases its actions both on technological knowledge and on the experience of hospitality operation management specialists.

Customer testimonials

Recent customers


Thompson Madrid

Location: Madrid (Spain)

Brand: Hyatt Thompson


Installation: Oct. 2020 - Oct. 2022


- Full IT project

- Implementing Hyatt standards

- Design & purchasing assistance

- Handover & opening support

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Bulgari Roma

Location: Rome (Italy)

Brand: Marriott Bulgari

Installation: Jan. 2021 - June 2023


- Full IT project (refurbishment)

- Implementing Marriott standards

- Design & purchasing assistance

- Opening support

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La Fantaisie Paris

Location: Paris (France)

Brand: Leitmotiv

Installation: Feb. 2022 - June 2023



- Full IT project (new-build)

- Solution design and execution

- Construction site follow-up

- Handover & opening support

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How we can help you

How we can help you - #ITeliers

At Hakaway, our goal is to relieve your technology-headaches. We manage your entire IT project from beginning to end and we take responsibility for IT solutions and the necessary infrastructures.

From the initial technology audit, we help you to design, deploy and deliver the final IT concept. And while we take care of the overall technology project management, you can focus on your general operations.

We set clear responsibilities, deliverables and schedules, so you always know where you are within the project and what you can expect next, so we avoid missed deadlines and budgetary surprises.

Yes, we can manage entire projects from scratch, but maybe you just need advice to stay up-to-date. Our “Virtual CIO” makes sure your technology doesn’t get obsolete and leverages our experience in negotiations with your suppliers and service providers.

Vision & values

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be hospitality’s trusted reference for technology projects.
Mission: To deliver state-of-the-art technology projects for hospitality.

Our COMMITMENT: We care.


Integrity · Discipline · Team-Play · Hands-On


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Calle Hermosilla 48, 28001 Madrid, Spain

+34 910 607 004 · +33 1 87 44 60 50

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